Professional Investment Portfolio Management

We provide fully discretionary investment portfolio management services to U.S. and foreign persons with individual accounts, pension and IRA accounts, as well as domestic and foreign investment companies. We study the world, do the homework, make strategic asset allocation, and make buy and sell decisions so our clients don’t have to.

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Types of Investments

For our managed accounts, Guild seeks to find opportunities for appreciation and income in:
• Stocks in U.S. and non U.S. based companies
• ETF’s and Index shares of U.S. and markets and commodities
• Foreign currency deposits or forwards
• Other foreign currency denominated securities such as bonds, cash equivalents, index shares, or derivatives instruments.

Client Servicing and Reporting

Our support staff will deliver accurate and timely performance reports that you will find intelligible and useful. We will send you quarterly written descriptions of our investment outlook, including our views on interest rates, markets and important social, political and economic events that can impact portfolio performance.