Author: Monty Guild and Tony Danaher

March 11, 2016

No, Chicken Little, the sky ain’t falling  Data continue to come in showing that fears of a U.S. recession are groundless — good GDP growth, good job growth, continued improvement in labor force participation, improvement in “underemployment” (when workers want full-time work and can’t find it), and the increasing signs that oil has found a…Read More >

March 04, 2016

China Stocks Deserve A Look     There were no fireworks at last week’s China summit of the finance ministers and central bankers of the world’s 20 biggest economies; it was a tame and mostly uneventful affair.  Most significantly, China assured the participants that their economic growth strategy doesn’t hinge on the devaluation of their currency. …Read More >

February 26, 2016

Retirement: An Economic Disaster and a Health Catastrophe?  A letter to Financial Times columnist Michael Skapinker last week brought our attention to a personality we hadn’t heard of, but who is well-known in Europe.  Dr. Charles Eugster is a 96-year-old British resident of Switzerland who took Skapinker to task for a column in which he’d…Read More >

February 19, 2016

Market Summary   Some market sectors have become very good values.  Others need to fall more in price to become attractive.  Seeing the outsized declines in energy, technology, and other sectors has made us quite certain that some values have been attained in certain sectors.  We are focused on technology, social media, cybersecurity, and other…Read More >