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Our Subscribers

As a modern investor, you have all the data at your fingertips. But to find your way to investment success, you don’t just need data — you need understanding.

os1-150x150Investment advice is abundant and investment newsletters are legion. But they’re rarely informed by a comprehensive view that will help you understand the real implications of the information they provide — and act on it to protect and build your wealth.

In the complex and ever-more interconnected world of global markets, the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Everything from social, technological, and political changes to unforeseen geopolitical developments can have impacts on your portfolio. You’ll read the news about such events, but will you have a broad and deep view which allows those events to make sense?

Guild Investment Management has been a registered investment advisor for over 40 years. Together, our strategists and analysts have over six decades of experience in global markets. We start with a top-down analysis of trends — global, regional, and national; political, social and technological; sector and industry. Then we study companies from the bottom up — examining their markets, growth prospects, management, and competition. This comprehensive style of analysis shapes our global view — a view we provide to our readers each week in our Premium Global Market Commentary.

We help you make sense of the information, rather than just give you more data to understand on your own, or tell you what to do. In a turbulent world, we give you the tools you need to navigate and execute your investment strategy.

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